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The New Recommended Screen Labeling Practice Provides API RP 13C Information

Brief introduction: The new recommended screen labeling practice provides API RP 13C information Model: Technical parameters: Size: 1165*585*40 mm Weight: 14 Kg Customized: Yes Offer sample: Yes Screen Material: 304 or 316SUS Frame Material: Composite Screen layer: Single,Dual,Triple layered The...

Product Details

Brief introduction:  

The new recommended screen labeling practice provides API RP 13C information




Technical parameters:

Size: 1165*585*40  mm

Weight: 14 Kg

Customized: Yes

Offer sample: Yes

Screen Material: 304 or 316SUS

Frame Material: Composite

Screen layer: Single,Dual,Triple layered


The shaker screens performance affected by those factors.

Material Factors 

Particles in dry bulk materials are noted in a variety of shapes, sizes, surfaces, densities, and moisture content. Each condition must be taken into account when attempting to predict screen performance, through its effect on capacity in terms of weight passing a given screen opening per-unit area. The combined effects on screen performance, or “screen-ability”, of particle shape, surface texture, and surface or internal moisture, are beyond the reach of empirical solutions based only on size and density, independent of these variables. More exact information on their influence needs to be gained from actual laboratory testing.


Size And Shape

The shape of an individual granule may be angular, spherical, acicular, ovaloid, flaky, or slabby. They can be combined in the same material, as sawdust in wood flakes. Separation cut-point sizes in most screening applications range downward from 4” to 325 mesh (.0018”). The cut-point defines the smallest particle size retained on the screen, and the maximum undersize particle passing. Unless the particle is acicular, platy, ovaloid or a perfect sphere, it will be probably (but not necessarily) be sized by its largest dimension.



For any given shape and size distribution, bulk density in lb./cu. ft. (PCF) for any material will be precisely proportional to its specific gravity. Screening is essentially a volumetric measurement, but capacity, or the rate of passage through the screen, is typically charted in units of weight per unit time, based on a standard bulk density of 100 PCF. The actual rate for a material of different bulk density has to be adjusted by the ratio PCF: 100. Tables of bulk density for various materials can be discovered in most material handling publications.



The size distribution of particles in a bulk granular material is the primary characteristic that governs the rate of undersize passage through a screen opening that is larger than the smallest particle and smaller than the largest particle in a representative sample of the material. Size distribution is measured by sieve analysis, using a series of standardized wire mesh sieves with square openings that progress, in the commonly used Tyler standard scale7, at the fixed rate of from 1.05” to.0029” (200 mesh). The size distribution is given in the weight percent of each fraction between successive sieves in a series. If the weight is plotted on the y-axis against the mean size of each fraction of the x -axis, the result will resemble a frequency distribution curve.


Other terms:

Production capacity: 80000PCS/year

Package details: 1pcs/ Carton, Wooden box

Delivery: Normally 7 days

Transportation:by sea,air,land

Warranty: 12 Months

Payment terms:T/T,L/C

Price terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, C&F, …



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