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Work Characteristics

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Shan, using block eccentricity as exciting force and strong vibration force.

Shan, sieve beam and sieve box using high-strength bolts, simple structure, easy to maintain;

Shan Adopt tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation;

Shan, the use of small amplitude, high frequency, large dip structure, so that the screening efficiency of the machine is high, the processing of the largest, long life, low power consumption, noise.

According to the structure and working principle of sieving machine, there are the following categories:

1. The roller-screen face is composed of a horizontal scroll shaft arranged horizontally.

2. The roller-screen face is composed of a horizontal scroll shaft arranged horizontally. Fixed screen work part fixed motionless, by the material slides along the face to make the material to be screened. A fixed sieve is used in a concentrator, usually for coarse or medium crushing prior screening. It is simple in structure and convenient in manufacture. Without power, the ore can be unloaded directly onto the screen. The main disadvantage is low production rate, screening efficiency is low, generally only $number.

3. The planar motion sieve body is a plane swinging or vibrating. According to its plane motion trajectory, it is divided into linear motion, circular motion, elliptical motion and complex motion. Shaking screens and vibrating screens belong to this category.

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