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Vibrating Screen Classification

- Jun 22, 2017 -

The vibrating screen divides the equipment according to the weight use can divide into: the mine vibrating screen, the light fine vibrating screen, the experiment Vibrating sieve machine

The mine vibrating screen can be divided into: High efficiency heavy screen, self centering vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, dewatering sieve, round vibrating sieve, vibrating screen banana sieve, linear vibrating screen, etc.

Light fine vibrating screen can be divided into: rotary vibrating sieve, linear sieve, straight row sieve, ultrasonic vibrating screen, filter screen, etc. can refer to the Vibrating Screen series

Experimental Vibrating Screen: Slap screen, top-click Vibrating screen machine, standard test screen, electric vibrating screen, etc. please refer to the experimental equipment

According to the vibrating screen material running track can be divided into:

According to the path of the linear motion: linear vibrating screen (material on the screen to do straight-line movement)

According to the circular motion trajectory: circular vibrating screen (material on the screen to do circular motion) structure and advantages

According to the reciprocating movement trajectory: fine sieving machine (material on the screen to make reciprocating movement)

Vibrating screen mainly divided into linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, high-frequency vibrating screen. Vibrating Shaker According to the type of vibrator can be divided into one-axis vibrating screen and two-axis vibrating screen. Single-axis vibrating screen is to use single unbalanced and heavy vibration to make the sieve box vibrate, the sieve surface is tilted, the motion track of the sieve box is generally circular or oval. The two-axis vibrating screen is a double unbalanced and doubly-excited vibration, the screen surface is horizontal or gently tilted, and the motion trajectory of the sieve box is straight line. Vibrating screen has inertial vibrating screen, eccentric vibrating screen, self-centering vibrating screen and electromagnetic vibrating screen and other types.

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