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Thin Oil Vibrating Screen

- Jun 22, 2017 -

The treatment capacity of dilute oil shale shaker is large, the sieving efficiency is high, the vibration device adopts the bearing dilute oil lubrication and external block eccentric structure. It has great excitation force, small bearing load, low temperature, small noise and other characteristics (bearing temperature rise is less than 35), the vibration of the whole disassembly, maintenance, replacement convenient, greatly shorten the overhaul period (only 1-2 hours to replace the vibrator); the side plate of the sieve machine adopts the whole plate cold, no welding, high strength and long service life. The joint between the crossbeam and the side plate is connected by the torsion shearing high-strength bolts, without welding and the crossbeam is easy to replace; The sieve machine uses the rubber spring to reduce the vibration, and the metal spring ratio, has the noise to be small, the service life is long, the common vibration area is smooth, the sieve machine each fulcrum dynamic load is small and so on the merit; The electric motor and the vibration exciter connection uses the flexible coupling, has the service life

This sieve machine series is widely used in coal, metallurgy, hydropower, mining, building materials, chemical industry, electricity, transportation, ports and other industries classification operations.

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