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Mechanical Structure

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Vibrating screen generally consists of vibrator, sieve box, support or suspension device, transmission device and so on.

Vibrating device

Single-axis vibrating screen and two-axis vibrating shaker, according to the eccentric reconfiguration method to distinguish between the general two

Style. The eccentric weight configuration is better with block eccentricity.

Sieve Box

The Sieve box is composed of a sieve frame, a sieve surface and a clamping device. The sieve frame is composed of a side plate and a beam. The sieve frame must be rigid enough.

Support Device

The supporting device of vibrating screen has two kinds of hanging type and pedestal. Seat installation is simple, and installation height is low, generally should be preferred. The supporting device of vibrating screen is mainly composed of elastic elements, which are commonly used as helical springs, plate springs and rubber springs.

Transmission device

The vibrating screen usually uses the triangle belt transmission device, the vibrating screen structure is simple, may choose the vibrator's rotation number arbitrarily, but the belt is easy to slip when running, may cause the sieve hole to jam. The vibrating screen is also directly driven by the coupling. The coupling can keep the steady torque of the vibrator, and the service life is very long, but the torque adjustment of the vibrator is difficult.

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