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- Jun 22, 2017 -

1, the Sieve machine design, exquisite and easy to assemble, one person can operate the sieve machine.

2, and other types of screening equipment comparison, with a larger screening area and high efficiency of the processing capacity.

3, unique screen structure design, convenient and rapid replacement screen (only 3-5 minutes), in addition to this kind of design

Allow the use of a variety of screen mesh (nylon, special dragon, pp net).

4, its mother net fully support fine nets, so fine net can be alone longer life, and reduce the use of fine net supplies, the production process of siltation for a long time can reduce a lot of costs.

Function and principle:

The basic principle is to borrow the heavy hammer (unbalanced heavy hammer) installed on the upper and lower end of the motor shaft, and turn the motor's rotational motion into a horizontal, vertical and oblique three-dimensional motion, and then convey the movement to the sieve surface. Changing the phase angle of the heavy hammer at the top and bottom can change the direction of the material.

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