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Elliptical Sieve

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Elliptical sieve, which is the vibrating sieve of elliptical motion trajectory, has the advantages of high efficiency, good sieving precision and wide adaptability. Compared with the same specification common sieve machine, has the bigger processing quantity and the higher sieving efficiency. Apply to the metallurgical industry solvent, cold sinter screening, mining industry ore classification, coal industry classification and dehydration, and other operations. Is the existing large-scale vibrating screen and imported products of the ideal replacement products. TES three-axis elliptical vibrating screen is widely used in the screening of quarries and aggregates, and can also be used for classification of products in coal, beneficiation, building materials, construction and electric power industry.

sieving principle: Power from the motor through the V transmission to the exciter active shaft, gear vibrator (speed ratio of 1), to achieve three axes of rotation at the same speed, generate exciting force, vibration exciter and sieve box high-strength bolts connected to produce elliptical movement. Material on the screen surface with the screen high-speed elliptical movement, quickly layered, through the screen, forward, the final completion of the grading of materials.

The obvious advantages of TES series three-axis elliptical sieve

Three-axis drive can make the screen to produce an ideal elliptical motion, it has the advantages of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, and the elliptical trajectory, amplitude adjustable, according to the actual material conditions to choose the vibration trajectory, difficult to screen the material more advantages;

Three-axis drive forced synchronous excitation, can make the screen machine to obtain a stable working state, the request for large-scale screening is particularly advantageous;

The three-axis drive improves the force state of the sieve frame, reduces the load of the single bearing, the force of the side plate is uniform, reduces the stress concentration point, improves the loading condition of the sieve frame, enhances the reliability and life of the Sieve machine, and lays a theoretical foundation for the large-scale of the sieve machine

Because of its horizontal installation, it can effectively reduce the unit height and meet the needs of large and medium-sized mobile sieving units.

Bearing dilute oil lubrication, effectively reduce the bearing temperature, improve the life;

In the same sieving area, the output of elliptical vibrating screen can be increased by 1.3-twice times.

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