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Advantages Of Deruite Composite Frame Screen

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Advantages of deruite composite frame screen

mongoose composite framen shaker screen install 插图3.jpg

1. Deruite company has a complete composite frame screen mold and has its own composite frame injection molding plant.

Including: Molds of replacement screen  for MI-swaco mongoose, MI swaco MD-3, Nov Brandt Cobra, VSM300 scalping/primary layer, Derrick 2000 PWP, fluid system and other vibrating screens,we could also develop the other composite frame molds according to customer requirement.

2. The screen frame skeleton has high welding strength, enhances the fluid impact bearing capacity, firm and of good quality.

3. The strength of the frame is high, the injection plastic is a new plastic, the high temperature resistance is above 140 °C, and the toughness is good, thus improving the seismic capacity and service life of the screen.

4. The composite material has better wear resistance and smoothness. The service life is twice as that of other screen manufacturers (150-200 hours), up to 500 hours, and the original screen is about 480 hours. so deruite shaker screens are energy saving and environmental protection.

5. The screen adopts three-layer screen from 100 mesh, which has good separation effect and long service life.

6. The hot pressing of deruite shaker screen adopts the four-side tensioning process, which is more flat than the other peers' wire cloth, and it is better to fit the bottom wire colth and has a long service life.

7. The shape of the composite frame screen is regular, multiple independent small unit grid back plate, to prevent the spread of a small part of damage. It is more convenient to repair and continue to use the block after the partial damage of the screen, thereby further reducing the cost.

8. Compared with the carbon steel frame screen, the effective use area of the composite frame screen increases by 10%-20%.

9. Composite frame screen, not easy to rust, the storage life is greatly extended, can be stored for more than 5 years, does not affect the service life.

10. The composite frame screen adopts the wedge type locking mode, which is easy to install and easy to replace.

11. Our hook strip screens are made of imported high-strength, wear-resistant composite materials. The injection molding process is used to mold and then wire cloth is welded to the screen frame by a hot melt machine. Screen surface is flat and tensioned in place. Therefore, our screens have a much longer service life than other products.

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