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Vibration Motor Fault Treatment

- Jun 22, 2017 -

1, the boot, the motor does not start, should check:

1 The power supply is short of phase;

2 whether the motor is broken phase;

3 The protective cover is damaged and rubs the eccentric block;

2, after boot, motor noise, fever, etc., should check:

1. Whether the roughness of the contact surface of the vibration machinery and the motor is in accordance with the installation requirements;

2) whether the anchor screw bolt is tightened;

3 The host vibration acceleration is in accordance with the use requirements;

3. After adjusting the eccentric block, the amplitude variation anomaly should be checked: whether the eccentric block at the two ends of the hinge is symmetrically adjusted;

4, in the two vibrating machines at the same time working in the vibration equipment, when its phase does not meet the requirements, must be a single stage to adjust its phase sequence, do not adjust the total power of two vibration motor phase sequence.

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