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Structural parameters

- Jun 22, 2017 -

(1) hydrocyclone diameter: Hydrocyclone diameter mainly affects the production capacity and the size of separation granularity. Generally speaking, production capacity and separation granularity increase with the diameter of hydrocyclone.

(2) diameter of feed pipe di: The size of the inlet port has certain influence on the processing ability, grading granularity and grading efficiency. The diameter of the feed pipe increases and the grading granularity becomes thicker, and the diameter of the tube is proportional to the diameter of the cyclone, and Di (0.2-0.) d.

(3) Cone angle: Increase the cone angle, the grading granularity becomes thicker, the taper angle is reduced, and the grading granularity becomes finer. In general, fine-grained material classification, using a small cone angle of the cyclone, usually take 10 15; coarse-grained grading and concentration hydrocyclone generally use a larger cone angle, usually in the 20. The fluid resistance in hydrocyclones increases with the increase of cone angle. Under the same inlet pressure, the production capacity should be reduced due to the increase of fluid resistance. The separation granularity increases with the increase of the taper angle, and the total separation efficiency decreases, while the fine particles in the bottom flow are less.

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