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Principle of Hydrocyclone Construction

- Jun 22, 2017 -

A hydrocyclone is composed of a hollow cylinder, a lower part of which is connected to a cylinder, and a working cylinder of a hydrocyclone. In addition to this, Hydrocyclone is also given to the ore pipe, overflow pipe, overflow duct and sand mouth.

Hydrocyclone with a sand pump (or high difference) to a certain pressure (generally 0.5 ~ 2.5 kg/cm) and flow rate (about 5 12 m/s) to the pulp along the tangential direction of the cylinder, and then the pulp will be quickly rotating along the tube wall to produce centrifugal force. With the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the coarse and heavier ore grains are thrown.

Hydrocyclone is mainly used in the beneficiation industry for grading, sorting, concentrating and removing mud. When Hydrocyclone is used as a grading equipment, it is mainly used to form a grinding and grading system with the mill, which can be used for gravity separation of the plant when it is used as a stripping equipment, and can be used to condense the beneficiation tailings and send them to fill underground mining tunnels when concentrating dewatering equipment.

The hydrocyclone has no moving parts, its structure is simple, the production capacity of unit volume is larger, the scale efficiency is high (can reach $number), the grading granularity is fine, the cost is low and the material consumption is less.

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