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Operation parameters

- Jun 22, 2017 -

(1) Feed pressure: feed pressure is an important parameter of cyclone work. Increasing the pressure of the material can increase the flow velocity of the pulp, increase the centrifugal force of the material, improve the classification efficiency and the bottom flow concentration, but decrease the effect of the grading granularity by increasing the pressure, the kinetic energy consumption increases greatly, and the Hydrocyclone's whole especially the bottom flow mouth wear is more serious. Low pressure (0.05.1MPa) operation is used when handling coarse materials, and high pressure (0.1.3MPa) is used for handling fine grained and argillaceous materials.

(2) The amount of feed: increase the amount of incoming material, the grading granularity becomes thicker, reduce the amount of feed, and the grading granularity becomes thinner.

(3) Concentration: When the size and pressure of the cyclone are fixed, the feed concentration has important influence on the overflow granularity and grading efficiency. With high feed concentration, the viscous resistance of fluid increases, the grading granularity becomes thicker and the grading efficiency is reduced. The practice shows that the grading granularity is 0. When 074mm, the concentration of feed is $number.

(4) The granularity of incoming material: the change of grain size will obviously affect the grading effect of hydrocyclone. When the other parameters are unchanged, the material content in the feed is smaller than the graded grain size, then the fine grain content in the bottom flow is less, concentration is high, and the coarse particle content in overflow is increased, and the classification efficiency of cyclone decreases; when the material in the material is close to the graded granularity, the fine grains in the bottom flow are many, the coarse material in the overflow is more, the grading effect is decreased.

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