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- Jun 22, 2017 -

With the further development of China's economic construction and scientific research, vibrating screens for new uses will continue to appear, and their use in various departments will be increasing and will play an increasingly important role.

In engineering applications

In the past 30 years, Prof. Bangchun has applied the results of theory and application to engineering practice. For example, large-scale vibrator deflection type self synchronous vibrating screen, inertial resonance type probabilistic sieve, new structure of vibration crusher, new structure of vibration cooling machine, and successfully applied in the industrial sector, has achieved significant economic and social benefits, won the National Invention Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award and Provincial and ministerial awards more than 10.

Innovation of Design Theory and method

The theory and method of mechanical dynamic design of vibrating sieve are presented, in particular, the dynamic design theory and method of the nonlinear vibrating screen nano-machine, as well as the comprehensive design method of dynamic optimization, intelligent optimization and visual optimization, provide a theoretical reference and basis for the design of high-quality products, especially the research and development of new products.

Theory Innovation of Nonlinear dynamics

This paper summarizes Professor Bangchun's systematic research and experiment on the theory of vibration and wave utilization technology and equipment, and provides a theoretical basis for vibrating screen using many branches of engineering, such as the application of synchronous vibration and control theory, the use of nonlinear vibration, and the use of waves of energy.

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