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Basic form of Hydrocyclone

- Jun 22, 2017 -

External swirl and internal swirl

The outer swirl and the internal swirl are the main forms of the Hydrocyclone movement, they rotate in the same direction, but their

Moving in the opposite direction. The external swirl carries coarse and heavy solid material which is discharged from the sunk sand mouth and is a product of the sinking sand, and the inner swirl of the solid material with fine and light is discharged from the overflow mouth for the overflow product. As shown in the figure

Short-circuit flow

The two-phase fluid of the cyclone is given to the friction resistance of the wall, some of which are first upward and then down the surface of the top cover, and then move downward along the outer wall of the vortex overflow tube, finally the confluence of the inner swirl flow is discharged by the overflow orifice of the overflow pipe. This part of the lid is usually referred to as short-circuit flow, because it directly into the overflow product, without separation, so directly affect the separation effect.

Loop flow

A two-phase fluid moving from an external swirl to an internal swirl in a helical vortex, because overflow pipe overflow mouth is too late to discharge all of it, the part of the fluid that has not been discharged will be in the vortex overflow tube of cyclone and the space between the wall, do from the bottom up and then from the upper and lower circulation movement, form the circulation flow.

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