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Analysis of vibration Motor installation adjustment

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Installation and adjustment of explosion-proof vibrating motor

Explosion-proof vibration motor should be firmly installed in the vibration machinery, not loose. After the first use, the anchor bolts should be reinforced.

Explosion-proof vibration motor with rubber sheathed soft cable (rubber sleeve outside diameter 15mm) and power connection, wiring steps are as follows:

A. Clean the outside of the junction box and peel off the insulation from the cable part.

B. Remove the outlet gland, cable guide sleeve, sealing ring, junction box cover.

C. will be the line gland, cable guide sleeve, sealed trap on the cable, and then the cable's power core line and grounding core wire respectively to the connecting rod and grounding screws, and note that the bare part of the wire is not exposed to the bow-shaped gasket.

D. Install the sealing ring, the cable guide sleeve, the outlet plate and the junction box cover.

E. The disassembly should pay attention to protect the explosion-proof surface do not damage, the assembly should be coated 204-1 anti-rust oil, installed after the explosion-proof surface should be closely fit.

Cable between the junction box and the vibration of the fixed card must have a natural pendant, that is, the junction box to the vibration of the fixed card between the cable length should be longer than its line distance 400-700mm.

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